At Urban Entity we focus on designing classic streetwear styles with a hint of modern luxury. We work hard to ensure everything we create is made with supreme workmanship and the highest quality. In a time of inflated costs within the retail market, we pride ourselves on making our clothing affordable for the masses.


Note from the owner: As a kid growing up in Northern California, I was wearing the loudest sneakers with the craziest hairstyles. I looked either hella dope or hella dumb! Either way, I was willing to takes risks in order to set myself apart and that’s what I plan to do with Urban Entity.


I love connecting with dream chasers. I believe there is nothing more inspiring than seeing someone dedicated to their craft and working hard doing something they’re passionate about. I believe no one should ever compromise their morals and values in order to attain greatness. If earned righteously, it will be enjoyed more and had longer.